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Another exemplory instance of language improvement in casual written kinds could be the repetition of letters. Correspondence scholar Erika Darics has seen that the repetition of letters or punctuation markings adds strength to communications (“stopppp. ”). She writes that this creates “a display of informality through employing a relaxed writing design.”

Linguist Deborah Tannen described the same trend, noting that repeated exclamation points in an email can convey a honest tone, like when you look at the after text message:

JACKIE we AM SO SO that is Hence SORRY! I was thinking you had escort review Chico been behind us when you look at the cab then we saw you weren’t. Personally I think soooooooo bad! Catch another cab and sick buy it for youuuuu

Keep in mind that this message will not include a message-final duration, since which will convey insincerity that will contradict the apology being presented. Alternatively, the sender makes use of the non-standard long vowels in “soooooooo” and “youuuuu” along with five exclamation points at the conclusion of just one phrase.

Compare this to a version that is standardized of text message:

Jackie, i’m therefore sorry. Continue lendo