Numerous concerns arrive very often, both in talk venues as well as on this wiki.

Numerous concerns arrive very often, both in talk venues as well as on this wiki.

Before we arrive at the questions, be sure to take the time to identify that this wiki is a project that is fan-built no official reference to the video game designers or help. You can use the discord link, use the ingame support feature, or send an e-mail about your concerns if you have suggestions or need to reach support. It to this page’s comments if you have a question aside from support questions that is not on this list, feel free to add.

Q: What is (fill out the blank), and where can it is used by me?

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Q: What may be the purple droplets? Blue bottle? etc.

A: plenty of material (the purple falls / vials, the bottles that are blue and much more) is described in the Currency web web web page. If you fail to there find your blank, read on:

Q: What could be the connected chain expression at the end of a few of my cards?

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A: The linked string means a soulbind is had by you designed for that card. Soulbinds are a definite relatively simple method to enhance a card’s stats.

Q: What will be the symbols underneath my number of cards?

A: These are filters that help you type during your cards by picking only cards of the type that is certaine.g. uncommon, chaos, melee) or having a property that is certaincould be leveled up / soulbinded, or can evolve). Addititionally there is a skill filter that starts up a list that is new of whenever you click about it.

Q: Why can’t we unlock stuff when my league is greater than the necessity?

A: Many things are locked until such time you reach a league that is certain. The game is started by you at League 30, so that as you work your path up, the league quantity goes down: the best leagues have actually the cheapest figures. Continue lendo