Low Intensity Intervention Classes. The teaching block involves a combination of lectures, party exercise routines and role-plays and practical exams

Low Intensity Intervention Classes. The teaching block involves a combination of lectures, party exercise routines and role-plays and practical exams

Low-intensity Intervention for Our Youth Training Program

Idea HK and MENTALITY is happy to broadcast their traditional training course on low-intensity treatments for young people making use of a recognition and desire treatments (ACT) platform. Upon achievement about this education, students will contain the skills to supply directed self-help using the maxims of ACT to youngsters facing slight to limited mental health challenges in Hong Kong.

Important information

Training Goes:

April 2022 – January 2023


2.5 days (full-time) of classes and courses in April 2021 9 weeks positioning (3 times every week) from April 2022 until January 2023

Software Periods:

All applicants exposed: Monday 7 June 2021 near: Friday 8 Oct 2021 Interviews needs place in fall 2021.

Training Courses Place:


You need to go over all information and the FAQs before you apply and implement via this kind.

Access requisite

Study Course Benefits

Jardine Matheson, MENTALITY, Hongkong Land ROOM INVESTMENT and HKEX support get moneyed thoughts HK to produce this training program. Utilizing a product similar to the UK’s youngsters and youth Person’s boosting use of sentimental treatments (CYP-IAPT) initiative, the plan will educate a brand new cohort of providers to partner with youth (elderly between 12 and 24) going through slight to moderate psychological stress using a low-intensity, manualised intervention on the basis of the principles of function. This practise together with the associated exploration is performed in relationship with King’s institution newcastle and Hong Kong Baptist college.

Training Formatting and Examination

Students will go through 2.5 luxy dating months of intensive teaching in April 2021, followed closely by a 9-month placement.


The instructing block will involve a mixture of speeches, team physical exercises and role-plays and useful examination.

Components sealed will include:

  • Summary of mind health/mental fitness in Hong Kong
  • Counselling techniques
  • Medical hazard procedures
  • Intro to Recognition and Commitment Remedy
  • Supplying the ACT-based manualised intervention

Trainees will undergo a practical analysis to the end of the coaching neighborhood.


After the classes neighborhood is finished, each student will initiate position at a school or people organization. During each 9-month long placement, students will provide the intervention to teens 3 days in a week, observing no less than 3 youths every single day. Both guidance and location can be arranged by psyche HK.

Superiors is in charge of monitoring trainee’s mastering and growth and ensure that students run secure, effective application within their part, adhering to the manualised intervention.

Upon end of this positioning, and influenced by fulfilling conformed requirements (as assessed by their managers), trainees is eligible to move into a lasting role via 2 paths:

  1. Eligible host companies can decide to employ trainees in long lasting tasks whenever they have finished their particular location. They will be obliged to consider all of their treatments for low-priced or free therapy.
  2. In replace, or in addition, they can furthermore decide to offer their solutions in private adjustments. The prices in this are capped to ensure the provider stays economical, in line with the goal of this system – develop mental therapies a lot more accessible to people in need.

For more informative data on this program, remember read below the plan FAQs.


Should you have any query concerning classes programme, make sure you email you at [email guarded] and rehearse the topic line “Mind HK Low-Intensity treatments for young adults practise Course“.

What exactly is the low-intensity treatments for young adults course?

It system will offer students with a foundational understanding of low-intensity mental interventions for kids. They dreams to increase usage of psychological state care and support for kids (old 12-24) in Hong-Kong, through training individuals to provide low-intensity, manualised and instructed self-help treatments relying on popularity and contract treatment (ACT).

Defining manualised intervention?

Manualised operate is widely used to give service to prospects with mild to limited psychological trouble.

Manualised treatments incorporate working through a standardised project with each and every clientele. Mental health help employees will direct business through a booklet concerning various components focusing on modifications in numerous psychological operations.

The intervention should always be largely standardised for any clients, psychological assistance staff members will a little modify the input to customers’ showing problems and special properties. The setting of treatment solutions are in accordance with the led self-help version put in place in key care and attention companies in other countries.

What is Enhancing accessibility sentimental solutions (IAPT)?

IAPT was a program in The united kingdomt, began from nationwide medical tool (NHS) in 2008, to maximize the number of grown ups (aged 16+) in the position to access evidence-based therapy for anxieties and melancholy.

In 2014, a form of IAPT directed at kiddies and kids called the CYP-IAPT program (Young children and younger people’ repairing Access to mental remedies) ended up being demonstrated. CYP-IAPT am applied to maximize the accessibility of explanation established chatting remedy for little ones and youngsters suffering from mental health difficulties.

Both courses tends to be characterised through providing facts situated manualised instructed self-help interventions, delivering an added site, to lower the responsibility on provide psychological state solutions, through on mild instances and focussing on beginning intervention and endeavor to manage psychological difficulties inside their initial phases before they might develop into more serious disorder.

Exactly why am the programme created?

The program was developed utilizing the purpose of coaching added therapists to deliver premium quality interventions within a reasonably short while body.

Internationally, 75percent of psychological harm establish vendor age of 24 and 50% were established through the age 14 (industry overall health firm). Without input, anxiety and despression symptoms are going to continue into adulthood.

In a much more local context, explanation about psychological state issues among youth in Hong-Kong is restricted, however it’s calculated that between 6.9% and 1.3per cent adolescents need diagnosable stress and anxiety and depressive disorders, correspondingly (Leung et al. 2008). There are longer waitlists or inadequate supply for individuals having mild to modest problems. Without intervention, moderate to reasonable issues can become more serious.

We hope that by training further workers, we’re able to give first interventions to our youth and help accessibility support.

Who are the project contributor?

MINDSET (Jardine Matheson Group’s non-profit charity), Hongkong secure HOUSEHOLD FUND & HKEX base.