Which Hairstyle Got Me Personally the absolute most Dates?

Which Hairstyle Got Me Personally the absolute most Dates?

Splitting Hairs is our monthlong research of hair predicated on a study of females across America. It’s as if you brought an image into the hair salon — we’re giving you just what you desire.

If you have one element of my own body that features been through probably the most transformation during the period of my entire life, it is my hair. We flat-ironed it pin-straight within my MySpace years; I once chopped crazy middle bangs in a misguided try to seem like Jane Birkin; and, 2 yrs ago, We bleached it within an inch of their life after a particularly rough breakup. They state you wear your heart on the sleeve. Mine is all up within my locks.

Lately, i have been pretty ok with my locks. I love the distance; my color that is natural has to health; and I’ve accepted my cowlicks — and that i am going to only ever have bad-girl bangs during my aspirations. This implies I style my wavy locks the way that is same much on a regular basis: blown out halfway and air-dried the remainder, and parted to your part. Whether or not it’s time 2 or 3, it’ll be unbrushed with a huge amount of dry shampoo with it. I love to call it hair that is sex the intercourse. (It’s been a dry summer time.)

On my dating apps since I don’t change up my hair that often, this sameness is reflected back to me. Swipe through my profile, and my hair is practically cut-and-pasted to my various makeup appearance and clothes, across most of the pictures. And therefore, an experiment was created. So that you can break my summer time hair (and dating) slump, I’d reboot my Tinder profile once weekly for five months, replacing my that is hairstyle and my hairstyle — each and every time. The rest into the picture would remain exactly the same: they’d all be selfies posed during my restroom. (This has the greatest illumination. I want to live.) I’d wear the makeup that is same garments. My bio would stay untouched.

Want to know what happened? During the period of the five months, I matched with 116 guys on Tinder. I can usually match with up to five guys a day, so this number was fairly average for me if i’m going hard on my dating apps (like swiping-multiple-times-a-day hard. However the distinction had been that certain hairstyles netted many others matches than the others — and it turned out that males in NYC, where we reside, have actually a fairly preference that is clear one style in certain.

Keep reading to see just what I discovered during five weeks of locks experimentation, all within the true name of landing a night out together.


We started out utilizing the hairstyle I’m probably the worst at — a chignon. I never wear my locks up because i believe my nose appears big. Stupid, i understand. If We had been more confident in my contouring abilities, it couldn’t be an issue; instead, I hide behind my locks.

We twisted my locks into a chignon that is low utilizing Meghan Markle as a motivation. I didn’t turn out searching quite as regal, however — and also this just isn’t a style I’d wear regarding the regular. It’s a tad too pulled together for me personally. My brand name is woman sex hair that is french. I’m sure whom i will be. This chignon felt like I happened to be cosplaying as a willow Darmowa aplikacja Vineyard Vines model, and I’m maybe not right here for the.

So when as it happens, guys didn’t either dig the vibe. We matched with about 12 men during the period of the week. Associated with the 12, two actually messaged me — one man had been Italian (so am I) and lived in nj-new jersey (that is where i am from), as well as the other was a bro that is clean-cut lives around Union Square. Neither panned out to a romantic date. When you look at the final end, I think the chignon ended up being a touch too stuffy of a hairstyle for dating apps, not forgetting, it simply wasn’t me personally.

Matches: 12Messages: 2Dates Landed: 0


Following the catastrophe which was the chignon, I made a decision to come right down to planet a bit. I’m maybe not a person who really loves a ponytail, either. (The nose thing again.) In addition think We look better with a little part in my locks, and a ponytail does not really provide for that. But used to do dig the ponytail we ended up tying up for my photo. I’d applied some IGK 30,000 Feet Volume Powder to provide it some texture, also to ensure that is stays a closer that is little the messy hair We have a tendency to love. Due to that, the pony it self had some weight that is gorgeous human anatomy to it. We felt right in the home.

Dudes adored the ponytail, too. During the period of the week that I ponied up, we matched with 25 guys — twice the quantity we saw during chignon week. Of the 25, have been quite a bag that is mixed i obtained five communications, mostly from professional-looking guys in matches whom posed within their pictures using Ray-Bans. We made intends to actually get together with one of many dudes. He had been precisely the type you’d expect you’ll love a gal in a ponytail — a trainer ten years my senior with bright blue eyes, whom lives in Murray Hill.